The magic of autumn

9A9BD592-9444-4136-B8A6-7244A821802B.jpegGrowing up on the Australian coast, I’d never really paid much attention to autumn. When I moved to the Snowy Mountains, then Canberra, that changed – watching the leaves on the trees start to change in little patches gradually working up to a brighter and brighter display was magic. Rich gold, warm orange, plum and fiery red. Then with the first cold gusts of wind, the whole fickle thing would be over. The bare branches looking sad with only dew, frost and fog to keep them company ‘til spring.

2A549A21-4424-46FE-8E6C-E893D130ABF1.jpegAutumn became a favourite of mine not only for the leaves and colours. Autumn also brings with it the cue to get out boots, gloves and chunky knits. The invigorating sense of morning walks where your cheeks glow red and your lungs fill with air so crisp it almost hurts. The perfect excuse to sit with a pot of tea and a good book under a blanket all afternoon long.

I love it all, even the way the night begins to creep in earlier and earlier giving you a cue to settle in and slow down in the evenings for a few months. If you live in Canberra, inevitably you’ll fall into the love the cold or hate the cold camps. There seems to be no in-between. If you’re a lover, I hope you are enjoying every blazing tree in our beautiful city. If you’re a hater, maybe try to embrace it and give it a chance? It might surprise you!

Want ideas on where to explore? Here’s a guide to Canberra’s autumn leaves.



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