Weekend reading: Slow

B7050778-DEC4-472D-9105-E5FACE3E665DI’ve just picked up Slow by Brooke McAlery  for the second time. You might know Brooke from her podcast or, like me, you might have just stumbled across the book without realising the author is a podcast superstar.

When I first read Slow, one chapter completely flawed me the fir, the one about technology and its impact on our relationships, specifically with those we love. I have been so horrified by the amount of time I spend attached to my phone every day but have been gradually weaning off it and Slow reminded me of what I already knew – playing with your kid who loves you more than anything is waaaay more important than scrolling through facebook reading posts from people you haven’t seen in real life in decades.

Slow will gently guide you through how to take a step back to focus on smelling the flowers rather than relentlessly seeking ‘more’. If you are wanting to declutter, to buy less and to enjoy more quality time, this little book might be just the thing to inspire you to get started.

The thing about Slow is there isn’t anything particularly earth shattering between its pretty grey covers but it quietly forces you to evaluate what you really want out of your life. I’m just as guilty as anyone of getting swept along trying to keep up, do more and be more but luckily I’m getting much better at accepting that I’m enough, I’ve achieved enough, I’m providing enough. Sometimes its just nice to read a book that is a reassuring little voice and for me, Slow was that.

If you managed to read this far, thank you but now please put down your phone and give someone you care about a hug or step outside and breathe in a big lungful of air or make a cup of tea and enjoy it without doing anything else. Surely better than skimming mindlessly through click bait.


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