Where is best to see Canberra’s autumn leaves?

88785886-D5EF-4D7C-99D1-7B70557387F7.jpegIts that time of year again – autumn!! While some parts of Australia don’t really get a decent autumn or winter chill, Canberra certainly does and as the cold change breezes in, it definitely brings some benefits. Canberra is ice-cool in winter and pretty in spring but if you want to see her at her best, believe me – she is goddam fiery hot in autumn! Autumn is the season when Canberra looks absolutely beautiful with flashes of colour brightening the entire city from parks and gardens to suburban streets. There’s no precise science to working out when exactly the best and brightest leaves will be ready but as a general rule they start to get going in late March/early April and are at their best a few weeks after that (so long as no wind storms spoil the fun).

It can be tricky to find the best place to snap those insta-worthy pictures so here’s a couple of my favourite haunts for Canberra in the autumn.



The Nara Peace Park and Lennox Gardens.

This area is pretty year round. Autumn is no different with maples turning red and poplars along the lake providing a golden contrast against the blue lake. Particularly  nice on a foggy morning.

Glebe Park

This park right within the city centre is small but provides an autumn fix as a diversion from shopping in the Canberra Centre.

Queen Elizabeth Terrace

Not a park strictly speaking but the ornamental pears here provide a leafy red tunnel which is picture perfect. Walk a little further west and you’ll find an avenue of trees which are majestic and provide the perfect opportunity to kick around some leaves.



The older and more established inner suburbs are best if you like the idea of a streetscape framed in autumnal hues. Ebden and Piper Streets in Ainslie are up there with the best as are parts of Dickson and Deakin. Transport Canberra and City Services have even put together a map of the best places across the city to check out which covers both the northside and southside.

Gold Creek area

This area might be better known for things like the National Dinosaur Museum, the Canberra Reptile Zoo and Cockington Green but there are also some really beautiful pockets of trees to be found if you take a walk around.


Surrounding areas:

If you feel like a weekend road trip, there are some cracking spots within an hour of the city. To the north and west, the Lake George and Murrumbateman wineries are beautiful at harvest time with vines changing colour and some beautiful established trees adding to the view.

To the south, Cooma is also pretty in the autumn although the leaves change a little sooner there due to the altitude and cooler temperatures so aim for a few weeks earlier.

So there you have it, some starter points for hunting down autumn leaves in Canberra. The beauty of this city is the more you look, the more you find so you might be able to add to the list with some new, undiscovered gem.




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