How to make an indoor water garden

D5E0F126-929F-42A6-A36F-AEA505A3698FHome is where it’s at right now so here is a super simple DIY project to freshen up your desk, coffee table or kitchen bench. It’s so low maintenance that once you’ve made it, all you need to worry about it strategically placing it so it’ll be the talking point in your next Zoom chat.

You need:

  • A glass jar or vase
  • A water plant (fish tank plants and water cress are great)
  • Pebbles, sand, shells or gravel (optional)
  • Water

Add the pebbles to the bottom of the jar or vase then secure the plant roots and fill with water. That’s it! Really. It’s that simple.

These little water gardens will be self sufficient for a long time. There’s something peaceful about the combination of green and water and let’s be honest, right now,  we could all do with a bit of zen! Get creative textures and shapes, use backlighting to add some drama or just let them hang out with you. Best of all? They’ll listen all day and never talk back which makes them the perfect corona house guest.


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