Visit From an Eastern Spinebill

Over the autumn, a family of Eastern Spinebills have been regular visitors in our salvia. The salvia has been on a determined mission to take over the garden so it’s nice the birds are enjoying it and showing me it has a purpose other than shading everything else out in its quest for garden domination.

The spinebills are such delicate little things but full of attitude and chutzpah. They’re bold as brass and one in particular seems to quite like the camera – it preens and poses like a Tik Tok wannabe, it’s charms hard to resist.

I managed to snap quite a few pictures but they come with the caveat that I’m not a professional nor do I have the right gear for bird photography. What I hope I do have is a way of sharing the little and unexpected joys of gardening in this otherwise hectic and sometimes strange world. Sometimes we all need to remember: stop and smell the roses!


3 thoughts on “Visit From an Eastern Spinebill

  1. These are great photos! I have never heard of these birds which appear to be Australia’s answer to Hummingbirds. It must be amazing to see birds taking nectar from flowers. Amelia


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