The Winter Solstice

The longest night of the year has arrived in Canberra and with it, some bitterly cold weather. Marking the astronomical beginning of winter, despite the darkness and chill there’s plenty to celebrate with the winter solstice. Here in Canberra, we’re surrounded by cool climate wine country and one of the local wineries, Yarrh, puts on … More The Winter Solstice

Sort of summer, sort of autum…sautumn?

The signs of autumn are everywhere in Canberra right now. Misty mornings, turning leaves and early season apples hanging ripe on the trees. But summer’s last-minute heat wave is scorching the flowers and wilting anything not rooted deeply enough. An Instagram buddy mentioned he calls this time of year sautum, it’s sort of summer but … More Sort of summer, sort of autum…sautumn?

Puppy vs Garden

Our family grew a tiny bit bigger this week with the addition of Rusty the puppy. Rusty is a little ball of cuddles and joy but he’s also shown a real taste for plants. Any plants will do but lavender seems to be a real favourite closely followed by violas (at least he’s going for … More Puppy vs Garden

A rainbow of flowers

This spring, there is a lush intensity to not only my garden but all of Canberra. The mild temperatures and torrents of rain have coaxed flowers to life and it looks like the colour dials have all been turned to maximum. It seems like flowers from every point on the colour spectrum have popped their … More A rainbow of flowers