Puppy vs Garden

Rusty the puppy – the newest addition to our garden

Our family grew a tiny bit bigger this week with the addition of Rusty the puppy. Rusty is a little ball of cuddles and joy but he’s also shown a real taste for plants. Any plants will do but lavender seems to be a real favourite closely followed by violas (at least he’s going for the edibles).

Is there anything better than a puppy to complete your garden?

For now, it’s not such a problem because he’s so tiny but I’m starting to feel afraid of what kind of tattered mess I’ll come home to once he’s a bit bigger. For now, we’re all just enjoying the absolute happiness a little puppy brings to a home. It’s that kind of time warping fun where you giggle and play and suddenly instead of a late spring afternoon, it’s dusk and you’ve got no idea where the day went.

I know this little puppy will grow to be a much loved part of life here and I can’t wait to see what adventures he leads us on! For now, enjoy some cute pictures of him, mostly with the remnants of my garden in his mouth!


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