A rainbow of flowers

This spring, there is a lush intensity to not only my garden but all of Canberra. The mild temperatures and torrents of rain have coaxed flowers to life and it looks like the colour dials have all been turned to maximum.

It seems like flowers from every point on the colour spectrum have popped their pretty little heads up. In my own game of garden Noah’s Ark, I decided to pick one of everything in flower this week and make a flat lay to show just how much has appeared.

A flat lay of spring flowers
The colours of spring in my garden

Laying the flowers out was strangely addictive and I tried a few different patterns to try and show off the full rainbow of petals. Once that was done, I filled some vases and bowls with the floral superstars to pretty up the house bringing some of that beautiful spring joy inside.

What’s flowering (or falling) where you are right now?


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