How to grow your own food: eggs

Home grown eggs

Its been a couple of months since our chickens came home and they’ve definitely made themselves at home. They’ve proven to be a big help eating through almost all of our vegetable scraps – so much so that I think the poor worms in the worm farm are looking a bit thinner than usual. They’ve been generously turning their scraps into compost, nibbling on some unwanted spiders and generally just adding a nice peaceful touch to the garden. Thankfully our dog Quinny seems to treat them as friends rather than food too!

Having the chooks in the backyard has been a really good way to talk about where food comes from, where food waste can go (other than the bin) and also how to keep pets fed, watered and happy. And in the past few days, they’ve brought their A game and all started laying eggs within a couple of days of each other. We’ve had two or three eggs each day since and collecting the eggs each day proving to be a hit with our daughter. She’s already talking about sharing the eggs with our neighbours too which is a nice little way to share the love and pay them back for last summer’s raspberries.

And last but not least, if you raise your own chooks, you will know 100%  that the chickens responsible for your eggs are happy and healthy little cluckers!

Backyard chickens are perfect if you are aiming for a sustainable life




2 thoughts on “How to grow your own food: eggs

  1. I agree about the chooks… Ours became pets ( the oldest one had the run of the garden with the dog eventually!) and we always loved eating our own eggs. Our daughters learn a lot from having chooks.


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