National Botanic Gardens, Canberra

Red Centre Garden, Australian National Botanic Gardens
Banksia, Australian National Botanic Gardens

I have a confession before you read on…I loooooove the Australian National Botanic Gardens in Canberra and am probably quite biased here! I feel so spoiled that this little treasure is within minutes of my house and that there have been times when my daughter and I have had the place all to ourselves. Probably because everyone else is at the mall which is quite depressing but I digress…

There are two places within the Botanic Gardens that have a special place in my heart – the rainforest walk and the red centre garden. The reason I love these two gardens in particular is that they have the ability to transfer you to a whole other world only steps away from the ordinary Canberra you were just standing in. One minute you have a front row seat to the latest prime-ministerial knifing, the next you’re standing in the middle of a rainforest! The said rainforest is cool, fresh and green even on the most scorching summer day. Then there’s the red centre garden which is a desert oasis albeit nestled curiously in the shadow of the Telstra Tower.

There are many other amazing gardens to discover as well, plus a treehouse that any kid could only dream of owing!

Australian National Botanic Gardens

As well as the gardens themselves, the Pollen Cafe is a beautiful place to sip a coffee – the cafe is like a little bit of the Hamptons right here in Canberra and the coffee and cakes are delicious!

In true Canberra style, the Australian National Botanic Gardens also offers free guided tours and hosts events such as sunset cinema throughout the year. (Canberra really offers so much to do if you just scratch the surface – loads of free or cheap activities and some really great events to get you out and enjoying life!!)

Last but not least, as a mad bibliophile and gardener, I have to give special mention to the Botanical Bookshop. One of my favourite stores in Canberra, this has so many high quality and really special treasures for lovers of books, gardens, plants and nature.

Australian National Botanic

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