Floriade highlights 2022

Floriade has bloomed and faded for another year. Flowers popped up across surprising corners of the city as part of Floriade Community, the rain didn’t dampen the fun and I, like many, embraced the many opportunities to stop and smell the flowers this year.

I think one of the very few pandemic-positives has been the focus on self care, well-being and the healing power of nature. It’s more OK to slow down, to take some time out from being a corporate cog and to relax. Whether it be walks in the park, appreciating the gentle constant of seasonal change or plunging your hands into some soil and growing something, anything; slowing down, appreciating the little things and growing flowers or food has given many of us hope.

The return of Floriade felt like a real celebration this year and it was such a treat to enjoy the beautiful flowers and see so many smiling faces doing the same. The sense of community and the joyful, positive vibe that Floriade brings each year are wonderful and I hope these pictures of my my favourite flowerbeds from around the city spread that a little further!


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