Sort of summer, sort of autum…sautumn?

The signs of autumn are everywhere in Canberra right now. Misty mornings, turning leaves and early season apples hanging ripe on the trees. But summer’s last-minute heat wave is scorching the flowers and wilting anything not rooted deeply enough.

Late summer garden finds. Fuchsia, apples and rosemary.
The leaves in Canberra are starting to turn and the first mists of the season have arrived.
The dahlias are having a great year!

An Instagram buddy mentioned he calls this time of year sautum, it’s sort of summer but sort of autumn, a beautiful in between before the cold really sets in. It’s a time of echinacea, dahlias, figs and apples, fuchsias and early red leaves. Of cold nights and stinking hot days. Sautumn.


2 thoughts on “Sort of summer, sort of autum…sautumn?

  1. Your dahlia photograph is beautiful! The misty one reminds me of “Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness …” in ‘Ode to Autumn’ by John Keats.


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