Is this Canberra’s most magical spring garden?

I don’t like to play favourites but when it comes to choosing the most magical spring garden space in Canberra, the Old Parliament House Rose Gardens’ wisteria arches are tough to beat. The purple and white flowers drip and ooze their beautiful bounty over the archways and scent the air with their spring perfume for a few weeks each year.

The magnificent wisteria at the Old Parliament House rose gardens
There’s something magic about the Old Parliament House wisteria
So much wisteria! Old Parliament House, Canberra

Like much in nature, the reign of these Garden Queens is short lived and very dependent on the weather being kind. Too wet or windy and the previous petals fall and fade. Too warm? You might have a lot of leaves competing for attention with the flowers. But if, like Goldilocks, you time your visit just right, you won’t be disappointed. The romance of the location is like something straight from a fairytale, almost comical in its abundance of flowers. Definitely a location that wins the Canberra spring.


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