Fake meats are having a moment

676AAF9C-3D13-42CF-9A58-3617B4A56C97.jpegToday Grill’d announced they wouldn’t be serving meat whether you wanted it or not. Labelled the 24 hour Meat Cheat, the burger chain announced that instead of beef, they were dishing up Beyond Burgers, a fake meat patty. And they aren’t alone – Hungry Jacks are offering up vegan selections and KFC in the UK are trialling deep fried avocado complete with the colonel’s secret herbs and spices. Pizza Capers have a vegan jackfruit pizza and many vegetarian options.

The word on the street from many of these fast food giants is that demand for and sales of plant based options is rapidly climbing. Having been truly shocked by some of the allegations about the impact of fast food giants in Fast Food Nation, I guess these moves have to be viewed with a pinch of scepticism but if the customer is always right and the customer wants more sustainable options, it seems we are being heard. Here’s hoping its not all too good to be true.

Since moving to a mostly plant based diet, I’ve tried LOTS of fake meats, eaten tonnes of chick peas, soy products, you name it. So when I read about the Grill’d Beyond burger today then realised the same patties are available in the supermarket I had to try them. I whipped up some burgers tonight and they were pretty convincing so far as the fake meats go. Hopefully some of the full on carnivores who spy them on the fast food menu and give the cows and the planet a little break.


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