Spend wisely – every dollar sends a powerful message

Handmade bag by The Happy Minimum

There has been a lot of media coverage in recent days about celebrities including Ellen and George Clooney urging people to boycott certain hotels. Although those hotels are beyond what most of us can afford, your money (and where your choose to spend or withhold it) can start to change the shape of things.

Even the smallest choice sends a message to companies about what you think of not only their end product but their efforts on ethical sustainable processes. For example, you could buy your apples out of season at the big chain supermarket or choose to buy them at the Farmer’s Market or local orchard when they are in season. This decision is probably worth about $2 but multiply that by thousands of people making the same choice and the message starts to get through.

The same applies with fashion, homewares, pretty much anything. Living in Canberra, I’m lucky to have the option to buy so many things from local makers – there are some really amazing handmade markets, farmer’s markets and shops which stock local, handmade goodies. Not only are these markets and shops jam-packed with amazing and unique things, they are staffed and run by local people supporting other local people.

I know its not always possible to shop small, local and ethical but if we all make these choices from time to time,  the message that people don’t actually care much for mass produced, cheap junk will be sent loud and clear. So while I wont be cancelling any luxury hotel bookings any time soon, I will be thinking very carefully about whose pockets my hard earned dollars end up in.

Looking for some local, handmade and ethical options? Here are a few that I’ve found but there are hundreds and thousands more:

Canberra handmade shops:

Canberra fresh food:

Handmade Markets:



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