Walruses plunging off cliffs = dire climate warning

09409D11-E2C6-46C5-BE0E-8E0AEC8103E8I, like pretty much anyone with a Netflix account and a spare hour or two, have been tuning into the latest Sir David Attenborough doco, Our Planet, and sobbing over my cup of tea as the sheer scale of the damage to the planet plays out in tragic but beautifully shot scenes over-scored with soaring music. Watching walruses plunge to their deaths from 80 metre cliffs has to be the saddest but most profound warning that our planet is way too hot right now.

Our Planet is certainly overwhelming but it also comes with the message of hope and if Sir David thinks we can fix this mess then by jingo, lets have a good solid crack at it! Every time I feel like I need to fix the whole Earth this minute, I feel helpless and have to remember its not just up to me. Its all of us doing what we can to try and undo some of the harm. If you’re flabbergasted about the whole mess and stuck for ideas, here are a few:

Easy ways to help the planet (and stop walruses plunging from cliffs):

  • Refuse single use items like coffee cups, straws, bottles, cutlery, plastic bags, produce bags etc
  • Reuse or recycle unavoidable plastics
  • Do an energy audit of your house to reduce electricity use
  • Walk instead of drive for short trips or take public transport if you can
  • Avoid buying new clothes and when you do, buy quality, timeless pieces
  • Plant a tree and some bee friendly flowers
  • Pick up rubbish in your local nature areas (if safe to do so)
  • Learn to repair things or repurpose them
  • Shop with local, ethical and sustainable businesses
  • Learn as much as you can about this problem and how we can fix it
  • Make purchasing decisions with the future in mind, not your own five minute fix of gratification. Buy one quality item rather than many cheap ones

And most importantly in the unintentionally wise words of my almost four year old: never ever give up and don’t do things just because they’re cool.



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