Weekend reading: Clare Press

F6246767-33EF-4FE3-9BCC-5D96B042E90C.jpegA while back, I discovered author Clare Press via a post on instagram. Since then, I’ve devoured her books Wardrobe Crisis and Rise and Resist. If you’re looking for something to read this weekend that is the perfect mix of thought provoking and witty, these are the books for you. As an author, Press has the ability to tackle big (really big) issues in a way that is matter of fact and thankfully not preachy. She never claims to be perfect and instead provides ideas, inspration, and information for you to use as you wish.

Wardrobe  Crisis is focused, as the title suggests, on the good, the bad and the downright terrifying things going on in the world of fashion. Beware though, if you read this book I guarantee you’ll never want to buy a ‘bargain’$2 T-shirt again.

Rise and Resist takes a broader look at where this world of ours is headed and tackles issues chapter by chapter with stories of people taking action in their own way – craftivism, art, living off the grid and a lot of other inspiring stories. If you’re sick of feeling helpless, Rise and Resist will fire you up to do something, no matter how small, to get involved in steering our world in a better direction.

So go forth and read (but be warned, library waiting lists for these books can be long!).

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