Meghan and Kate – why can’t we like both?

Every time I walk past the trashy magazine pile in the office kitchenette or see a click-bait headline scroll by on my social media, it seems to reference the ‘bitter feud’ between the Duchess of Sussex and the Duchess of Cambridge. They’ve reportedly left each other in tears, one is a tyrant, one is too vanilla, one is too risque, the other too safe. One to outrageous, the other too boring. Certain areas of the media seem happy to cast them in constantly negative terms.

I’m neither here nor there on the Royals, what I am invested in is the way that each of the Duchesses (and women everywhere) are so easily cast as the villains, as catty, mean and lightweight. Why not focus on their successes – the way each, in their own way, has used their position and privilege to bring attention to causes like mental health, addiction, conservation, education, women’s rights, animal welfare and ethical fashion. Kind of more important than whether they are BFFs, right? And why are we forced to take sides? Why can’t we be like the Old El Paso taco girl and choose both?

Image result for why cant we have both

Lets be kind and look out for each other. And remember that our words, kind or otherwise, widely read or not, are so powerful.

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