Crazy craft ladies rejoice! Liberty of London have created econyl fabric from landfill and ocean waste

2A2A50F5-7C64-434A-AEAB-4027E2AD1B90.jpegAlong with indoor plants which have hatched a plan to take over the world one apartment at a time, the glorious fabrics of Liberty London have also been sneaking into the collective consciousness recently. If, like me, you are a crafter (handmaiden, maker etc), you have probably coveted the absolutely gorgeous fabrics and maybe even dropped a days wages to get a yard or two.

I thought I was being pretty eco-aware when I managed to get my hands on some tiny offcut pieces (still darn expensive but so, so pretty!) which my mum and I have been turning into purses. Better to become something beautiful than expensive landfill. BUT Liberty have now gone one better! They’ve come up with a fabric called econyl. Its made from landfill and ocean waste. Yep, seriously. Our discarded carpets, flooring, fishing nets and industrial plastic are magically transformed into beautiful Liberty fabric. And they look like pristine, pretty pieces of perfection like this.

So craft away and justify your Liberty obsession anew by remembering that you are helping repurpose landfill into whatever your creative little hands can make!

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