Zero waste flights are (almost) a thing!

The flying kangaroo is now a more sustainable skippy

The recent announcement by QANTAS head-boy Alan Joyce that the Aussie airline is taking massive steps to cut out single use plastics, compost food, lower fuel and electricity usage and even give paper boarding passes the chop was pretty massive.  Why? Because it shows that big, mainstream businesses are not only recognising their obligations to start acting on climate change but actually taking tangible steps to do something about it.

Food waste will become compost rather than landfill

The QANTAS announcement follows a recent zero waste flight by the Portugese airline Hi Fly. Add to this the 40% increase in requests for plant based meals seen by airlines such as Emirates and the longstanding ability to carbon offset your flight (which apparently about 10% of us do) and suddenly jet travel isn’t looking quite so horrible for the planet.

Of course the elephant in the room is the fact that these are airlines. They burn a LOT of fuel and are in many cases used by us for completely non-essential leisure travel which, in the scheme of things, is pretty indulgent. But the truth is most of us are far more willing to give up fast fashion, plastic bags and V8 cars than our overseas holidays so at least now it can be done with less of a waste footprint.

The humble paper boarding pass is on the way out as part of a QANTAS war on waste

Plus travel is so important – it reminds us of how we are all in this together, all just people doing their best to get by. We all love, cry and laugh in the same way regardless of quirky cultural differences which is so important to remember in these not so bright times of division and hate. So jump on that plane, carbon offset your flight and know that the airlines are starting to come on board the sustainability journey.

**Thanks and full credit to my BFFs Ben and Sandy for the photos**

The pyjamas now come sans-plastic but the blankets aren’t quite there yet

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