I’m growing my own tea!

5B920347-5039-4573-B67B-6B66B3861308.jpegI love a cuppa. Day, night, happy news, sad news, to perk up, to relax. Tea helps in every situation. My mum has a trail of half finished tea-cups all over her house at any given time, my nanna only ever drinks tea, NEVER water. My three year old asked for a real tea pot for her birthday and now happily brews up a strawberry tincture for anyone who’ll have it (with a bit of help handling the hot kettle of course.) So as a family, tea is pretty much our thing. I prefer a traditional black tea most of the time but I also delve into the wonderful world of green tea, herbal tea and tinctures too. Its safe to say my bestie absolutely nailed my Christmas present (she always does!) this year when she gave me a grow your own tea kit. which happened to fit right in with my thoughts on having a sustainable Christmas.

80951A8A-7768-4B0E-BFDD-E32FBFF50368.jpegI read the instructions which suggested autumn is the best time to plant the little lemon balm seeds into their degradable pot. I waited as long as I could and now there is a chill in the morning and evening air suggesting summer is on the verge of rolling into autumn, I figure that’s close enough! So I’ve planted the seeds and if all goes to plan, my zingy refreshing lemon balm tea should be ready for the cup in around eight weeks! The kit even came with the cutest enamel mug which I’ve put to work holding herbs until the tea is ready.


Between now and then, I’ve got the old faithful to fall back on – I’ve even made my own reusable tea bags to cut out on the plastic which lurks in teabags (although some brands like Yorkshire Tea are heading towards fixing this with some work still to go). All this talk of a nice brew has me thirsty, I’m off to put the kettle on!

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