Take time to smell the flowers

Ferris wheel and flowers, Floriade, Canberra

Take time to smell the flowers. Slow down and look around you, really look, and you will see so many amazing things. One of the awesome things about hanging out with a toddler is that they force you into this state of mindfulness. They see everything with wonder and curiosity and to be honest, its a bit infectious.

Tulips by the lake, Floriade, Canberr

I now sit happily to watch a flower bud open, a bee buzzing from flower to flower or the pattern of raindrops in puddles and truly get lost in the moment. That feeling of being ‘in the zone’ is so refreshing and there are opportunities to look and get lost in our amazing world everywhere if you are willing to just slow down a bit.

Flower forest, Floriade,

If you are in Canberra in the springtime, there is a bonus too – Floriade is on. If you aren’t a Canberran or a flower-obsessed type, Floriade is a festival where there are over a million bulbs in bloom, concerts, food and entertainment. The flowers are super impressive and best of all, entry is absolutely free! So if you need some inspiration to literally take time to smell the flowers, Canberra in the springtime is the perfect place to start!

Yellow Tulips, Floriade, Canberra

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