Spring has really sprung – use it as motivation to get going with your own ‘what next’

Tulip Top Gardens, Canber
Blossoms at Queen Elizabeth Terrace, Canberra

Living in Canberra comes with a perk which is not often discussed but really great – it’s one of the few places in Australia that experiences four distinct seasons. Watching them flow from one to the next can be a great reminder to take time out, relax and reflect.

Tulip Top Gardens

No matter which season it is, Canberra is beautiful but it does spring particularly well. There are bulbs popping up, blossoms bursting and a fresh, light air breathing through the bush capital as everything and everyone comes out of winter hibernation. Its hard not to find a pretty park or garden nearby in Canberra’s spring to have a coffee or a picnic and watch the city come to life.

Poppies at Floriade, Canberra

Wherever you are, spring is so full of renewal and it provides a great opportunity to have a ‘spring clean’, declutter, and importantly, to reflect on your own ‘what next’. With the fresh breeze behind you, why not start that thing you’ve been meaning to? Write the first words, book the ticket, take the first step and use spring as your launch pad to wherever you need to be next!

And remember, while there will always be Canberra haters, that’s OK because there will also be those of us who know better.




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