Slow Saturday: The simple joy of a deep, quiet bath.

B7050778-DEC4-472D-9105-E5FACE3E665DSlowing down is one of those things that sounds so damned simple but sometimes feels as hard as climbing Everest. Part of the problem is admitting that you aren’t actually aren’t that busy. Business feels like a competitive sport in Western society, the more demands and less ‘you’ time, the more cred you get on the success scale.

But what if success wasn’t measured by career, money and stuff but by how happy you were and how much time you spent stopping to listen to yourself and the few people closest to you? That seems so much more fulfilling so I have officially added ‘Slow Saturdays’ into  my life.

A few decades ago, a good Saturday was drinks, music and partying until dawn. Now? A really hot bath with a fizzy bath bomb, a good book and half an hour to just be. There’s something so healing about water, it invigorates and relaxes at the same time and the power of a Saturday at home soaking in a bath should most definitely not be underestimated. Tired muscles and wired minds will say hallelujah and thanks, guaranteed.

Stop saying one day, after I check facebook/email/clean up/run/do the gorceries…Just give yourself permission to stop for half an hour, treat yourself and see how good you feel!

2 thoughts on “Slow Saturday: The simple joy of a deep, quiet bath.

  1. Permission to pause is so important! I think so often we lounge around feeling guilty for not doing x, y or z. Much better just to get x, y or z done if possible and then have some dedicated relaxation time! *Makes note to self*

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